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These cartoons are so funny, they've sent people to the hospital for stitches.  Be careful, you might die laughing.


  1.  Misery Loves Co.

  2.  Chicken Or The Egg?

  3.  Half Time

  4.  Hold The Phone

  5.  Bathroom

  6.  Battle of the Cereal

  7.  Pencilmation 1

  8.  Pencilmation 2

  9.  How To Shave

10 All-Star Snoopy



Ickelodeon Cartoons


The definitive answer to the Chicken or the Egg!


Watch everyones favorite pooch in "All-Star Snoopy"!


Watch Ma & Pa in Half Time!




Wacky Zachy's Wacky Cartoons



Wacky Zachy's Wacky Cartoons are some of the wackiest you can find.  Look what you've brought upon us Mickey Mouse!


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All-Star Snoopy Chicken Or The Egg? How To Shave Pencilmation 2
Bathroom Half Time Misery Loves Co.
Battle of the Cereal Hold The Phone Pencilmation 1


Watch Misery Loves Company! Watch Charlie Hippo in Hold The Phone! When Nature "Calls" watch Bathroom! Watch and learn "How To Shave"!