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These tunes have moved so far off the chart that they've left the planet.


  1.  The Llama Song

  2 Touchtone Genius

  3.  Chow Mein

  4.  Mario's Song

  5.  Noodles On My Back

  6.  Punk Kittens

  7.  Don't Worry

  8.  Reindeer Glee Club

  9 Pickle Curiosity

10 Knuckle Pie



Play Pickle Curiosity


Play Splish Splash - But Watch Out For The Splash!


Play Banana Phone - You'll Want One!


If you are not satisfied that with any of  these songs being wacky enough, trying making your own wacky music with the  Virtual DJ.



Wacky Zachy's Wacky Songs



Wacky Zachy's Wacky Songs are the wackiest you can find.  This stuff beats the American Idol and the Gong show's wackiest. 


Wacky Songs

Banana Phone Hiss of Death  Pickle Curiosity The Llama Song
Catchy Knuckle Pie  Punk Kittens Touchtone Genius
Chow Mein Mario's Song Reindeer Glee Club
Don't Worry Noodles On My Back Splish Splash

Play Knuckle Pie Play Noodles On My Back Play Don't Worry Play Mario's Song

Play Catchy - It's Catchy! Play Chow Mein - But Don't Eat It! Play Reindeer Glee Club Play The Llama Song