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These videos have received the distinct top videos "Two Toes Up" award:


  1.  The Phone Call  

  2.  Parking Lot Rage

  3.  Air Force One

  4.  Fun On The Road

  5.  Getting Salmon

  6.  Breakfast Man

 7.  German Coast Guard

  8.  Young Driver

  8.  The Citroen

10.  Snow Plow



Watch Wacky Cats in action!


Watch Bilingual and see why fish go in schools!


See what's coming next - Watch the Wacky Zachy Promo!


Watch Ice Fishing - But Don't Get Caught!


The Citroen - Is It Really Old Technology???


Watch Young Driver - Never To Young???


Watch Wacky Parrot - It's One Amazing Bird!



Wacky Videos



Wacky Zachy's Wacky Videos are guaranteed to bring you anything from a terrifically good chuckle to rollin' on the floor uncontrollable deep-down belly laughter.  PLEASE NOTE:  It is not advisable to not watch these videos while driving or chopping spinach.  Most videos are available in Windows Media Video (WMV) format.  If you are unable to play the video in WMF format you may select the FLASH version () where available.  Some videos are only available in format.



Comical Commercials


Totally Wacky
Friday Vs Monday  Bilingual Ice Fishing Air Force One
Wacky Cats Bad Morning Nice Girl Fun On The Road
Wacky Parrot Breakfast Man Parking Lot Rage Man With Two Heads
German Coast Guard Rubber Band The Citroen
Getting Salmon Snow Plow Wacky Car Ad
Pet Food Stop Singing Please! Wacky Promo 
Skating Babies   Young Driver
The Phone Call  


Watch Fun On The Road for more than a chuckle! Watch The Man With Two Heads and find out why two heads are better than one! Watch reporter getting plowed in Snow Plow! Watch the not so nice Nice Girl!


Watch Parking Lot Rage - It's outRAGEous! Watch Air Force One - Now That's A Low Low Low Rider! Watch Breakfast Man - But Watch What You Eat!!! Watch Getting Salmon - Learn How To Get The Fish!


Watch Rubber Band - It'll Stretch Your Funny Bone! Watch The Phone Call... And then check your bank accounts! Watch Skating Babies do what you only wish you could! Watch Bad Morning... And hope the next time it snows it's your car that this fellow cleans off!