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Are you ready for some real Wackiness ready to run on your own PC?  Download one or all of the 10 Best Wacky Downloads now:


  1.  Stress Release

  2.  McDonalds



Here's the place where you'll find some great downloads for your PC!


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Wacky Zachy's Wacky Downloads will add a little extra fun and craziness to your own PC.  You'll find Wacky Games and just plain Wacky stuff that you'll be able to play offline or send to your friends.  Don't miss a moment of Wacky fun even if you forget to pay your cable bill or if you just plain have a lousy Internet connection.  Be sure to check Wacky Zachy's top 10 picks and start downloading before the impending Y3K Disaster is upon us.


Wacky Downloads

  • McDonalds - This is the same crazy McDonalds strategy game you'll find in the Wacky Playhouse Games area.  Where's the beef?  Start your own McDonalds franchise today.  WinZip (1,933.88KB).
  • Stress Release - Go ahead, take it out on your computer.  Choose from a variety of destructive devices and "go to town".  Guaranteed to relieve stress.  WinZip (548.23KB).