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Ready for a challenge?  Try the Playhouse Best Games!


  1.  Treasure Box

  2.  Scary Scavenger Hunt 2

  3.  Scary Scavenger Hunt 1

  4.  Avatar Fortress Fight 2

  5.  Batman Coblebot Caper

  6.  Battleships

  7.  Murloc

  8.  Drome Duel

  9.  Sim Taxi

10.  Lights Out


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Join Wacky Zachy in the Playhouse for a wacky good time with some great games.


Play Pandemic


Play RaidenX


Play Lights Out


Play Air Hockey


Play Domino Frenzy


Play Murloc


Play Drag Race V3 and enter the world of car racing!


Play Moto-X Freestyle


Play Stunt Bike Draw


Play Papa Louie - When Pizzas Attack!


Be Invincible - Play Indestructotank!


Play One-Off


Play One-Off R - The Sequel


Play Super Mario Flash - Version 2



Wacky Playhouse Games



Wacky Zachy's Wacky Playhouse Games are some of the best or the wackiest online games you can find.  Get ready for wacky challenges and a fun time.



Card Games



Dexter's Laboratory Maganic Wars Air Dodge Ball Revamped 2
Murloc Solitaire Bump Copter Ball Revamped 4
Fancy Pants Adventure Copter Blix
One-Off Dogfight Connect 4
One-Off R

Classic Arcade

Hostile Skies Daffy Jumper
Pharaoh's Tomb Breakout Sky Chopper Deflector
Scary Scavenger Hunt 1 Donkey Kong Sky Fire DQ Apprentice
Scary Scavenger Hunt 2 Galaxy Invaders Flip Out
Temple Of Swirls Lunar Command Flying Gonzo
Pacman Puzzles Lost Your Marbles?
Q*Beart Amazon Quest Rumble Ball 4


Space Invaders Bejeweled Rainbow Sphere
Air Fox Super Mario Bros. Bubbles Ratman Ralph
Banana Barrage Super Mario Flash Crabs Rocket Bob
Batman Coblebot Caper Gems Soap Bubble
Breakit Dynamic Systems Screwball
Cargo Bounce Domino Frenzy Turkey Panic
Fish Tales Hatch & Match Wheels of Salvation

Car & Cart Racing

Insane Orb Drag Racer V3 Lemmings Rescue Strategy
LepreKong Drome Duel Lights Out  McDonalds
Megaman Project X Ferrari X-V Time Trial Mah Jongg
Loa Island Quest Grand Prix Challenge II Maze Game Challenge Sports
Papa Louie Kore Karts Monkey Maze 10 Pin Alley
Pig On The Rocket RC Time Trial Plumber 2 Air Hockey
Prehistoric Sim Taxi Pandemic Bowling
RaidenX Sprint Racer Proximity Cat Bowling
Sonic Turbo Glo Midnight Spin Splash Back Champion Ping-Pong
Spiderman Rotation Disc Golf
Treasure Island (Puffy) The Package Downhill Jam
Twister Island Treasure Box Legend of Ping Pong
UFO Mania Combat Warthog Launch Mini Golf
Avatar Fortress Fight Mini-Putt
Avatar Fortress Fight 2

Shooting Gallery

Moto-X Freestyle

Board Games

Egg Fighter Extreme Farm Sim Net Blazer
Battleships Etherena Jailbreak Pandaf Golf II
Chess Sonny 2 Puffy Ping-Pong 3D
Cootie Submarines Super Hacky Sack
Mansion Impossible  Turkey Shoot Stunt Bike Draw


Play Deflector Play Lunar Command Play Space Invaders Play Megaman Project X

Play UFO Mania Play Legend of Ping Pong Play Hostile Skies Play Fish Tales

Play Cootie Play Loa and the Island Quest Play Twister Island Play Domino Frenzy

Play Avatar Fortress Fight Play Avatar Fortress Fight 2 Play Treasure Island Play Super Hacky Sack

Play Mah Jongg Play Dynamic Systems Play Sonny 2 Play Sim Taxi