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Humor 'U'

Q.  If there are seven flies sitting on your desk and you swat one, how many will remain?

Dead FlyA.  Only one - the dead one you just swatted.



Q.  How many sides does a circle have?

A.  Two - the inside and outside.



QSpelling BeeWhat is more amazing than a talking dog?

A.  A spelling bee!



Q.  Why is tennis such a noisy game?

A.  Because the players raise such a racket.



Q.  Why is a river always rich?

A.  Because it has a bank on each side.



Wacky Zachy's
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About Me



Wacky Zachy's is just plain meant to be fun.  It has to be as it's about a fun guy, our son, who's name is Zach.  Daily he reminds me how lucky we are.  He came into our lives April 28th, 1998 and has never since ceased to amaze us and fill our hearts with joy.   He's all boy and maintains a somewhat twisted sense of humor.  Somehow we figure that he inherited that from both his Grandfather Pomnitz and Great Grandfather Pomnitz.


You always wonder what Zach is thinking.  Sometimes he's quiet, most of the time his tonsils are vibrating.  He knows exactly what he wants and pretty much how to get it.  The two sentences that always melt us are, "Mom, I love you" and "Dad, I love you."  Of course he tells the mailman that too...  He can be quite persistent and normally wants to break new ground with, "I do it."   His eagerness to learn has become very evident over the last couple of years.   To wit, his continuing multiple inquiries with a curious "Why" to every answer he's be provided.


Did someone mention contrary?  One begins to understand the significance behind reverse psychology.  Somehow though, Zach sees right through such ploys.  Somehow Zach has mastered the art of "twisted reverse psychology" in his own way.   "I'm not going" and "no".  Means, "Now that got your attention, 'cause I really want to go.  "No" means "No", "maybe" and "OK" as well as "Yes."  Somehow the particular alignment of all the stars in the universe have something to do with this.   We can't figure it out.  I guess the little guy has just got us pretty buffaloed at times.


We all hope you enjoy your visit here.  Have fun and enjoy the stories, anecdotes, photos, games and activities as we have the opportunity to post them.  We're sure Zach will be a delight to you and melt your heart as he has ours.


- Mom & Dad -