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Wacky Zachy's Wacky Search will help you locate items within this website...  If your real lucky!  You may also use the Site Map to locate items that are within this website...  If you can figure out how to locate that page.  If you can't, just visit every page within this site.  If you get lost doing that, please understand we won't be able to find you.  If you dare to proceed with the Wacky Search just use the form below to search for documents within our web site that contain specific words or combinations of words.  Best matches will be shown first.  An explanation is provided below to assist you in forming your queries.


Perform a Wacky Search for:



Query Language

The text search engine allows queries to be formed using the keywords AND, OR, and NOT, and grouped with parentheses.  Examples are provided next:


  • toy  game
    finds documents containing 'toy' or 'game'.
  • toy  or  game
    same as above.
  • toy  and  game
    finds documents containing both 'toy' and 'game'.
  • toy  not  game
    finds documents containing 'toy' but not 'game'.
  • (toy  not  game)  and   fun
    finds documents containing 'fun', plus 'toy' but not 'game'.
  • fun*
  • finds documents containing words starting with 'fun'.