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If you think you're having a bad day, you can make a worse one for Santa.


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If you think you're having a bad day, you can make a worse on for this budding architect.


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Play Domino Frenzy


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Wacky Zachy's Site Map will help you locate items within this website.  You may also use the Wacky Search facility to locate items that have got to be somewhere within this website.  Some items may be totally lost.  Others, may have found a black hole and still others may have become part of what is commonly known as Internet vapor files.  If you don't see it here, it could be anywhere.  If it was here and doesn't seem to be anymore, you might want to check with the Wacky Zachy Complaint Department.


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Play Deflector


Play Lunar Command


How long can you hold out?  Don't let Buddy Lee win!


Watch Wacky Cats in action!\


The definitive answer to the Chicken or the Egg!


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Check your IQ with the amazing Hand Scan Analyzer.


Shake up this Snow Globe and you shake up everyone!


Play Splish Splash - But Watch Out For The Splash!


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Play Hostile Skies


Play Noodles On My Back


Test your wits against a smart cat!


Play Knuckle Pie


Watch everyones favorite pooch in "All-Star Snoopy"!


If you think you're having a bad day, you can make a worse one for this race fan.


Be a choir director to some sway-back vocalists!


Play Cootie


Play UFO Mania


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Watch and learn "How To Shave"!


Play Loa and the Island Quest


Watch Misery Loves Company!


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Watch Getting Salmon - Learn How To Get The Fish!


If you think you're having a bad day, you can make a worse one for this beach bum.


Watch Breakfast Man - But Watch What You Eat!!!


Play Dynamic Systems


Play Sim Taxi


Watch The Phone Call... And then check your bank accounts!


Watch Bad Morning... And hope the next time it snows it's your car that this fellow cleans off!






Play Space Invaders


See Wacky Zachy's First Haircut


Watch Bilingual and see why fish go in schools!


See what's coming next - Watch the Wacky Zachy Promo!


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Play Megaman Project X


The Psychic Mind Reader will simply amaze you!


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Play Sky Chopper


Play Pickle Curiosity


Watch Ice Fishing - But Don't Get Caught!


Play Drag Race V3 and enter the world of car racing!


Watch Young Driver - Never To Young???


Play Pig On The Rocket


Be Invincible - Play Indestructotank!


Play Chow Mein - But Don't Eat It!


Play Mah Jongg


Play Catchy - It's Catchy!


Play Avatar Fortress Fight


Play Avatar Fortress Fight 2


Play Banana Phone - You'll Want One!


Play Fancy Pants Adventure


Play Reindeer Glee Club


The Citroen - Is It Really Old Technology???


Play Legend of Ping Pong


Watch Air Force One - Now That's A Low Low Low Rider!


Watch Rubber Band - It'll Stretch Your Funny Bone!


If you didn't get want you wanted for Christmas, you can get even with Santa.


Watch Wacky Parrot - It's One Amazing Bird!


Play Sonny 2


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Watch Skating Babies do what you only wish you could!